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Recognized know-how in conditioning, wrapping and packaging

From the production of the container, through the packaging of the product, from packaging to marking, all the stages of the process require an heating operation, based on precision and reliability.

Major packaging players call on our expertise to ensure that their offer will be as qualitative as possible. We assist their design office to integrate our heating solutions, during the design of the machines, and remain present throughout the life of the product by providing after-sales service.

Manufacture of Packaging Containers

The first step in packaging is to produce the container. It is necessary to heat the raw material in order to be able to work it and obtain the desired shape.

Whether it is glass, crystal, plastic, paper, cardboard or even wood, we are present in the essential steps of its manufacture. Each type of packaging has its specificities, standards and safety instructions to be observed. Trust our experience to follow your recommendations literally.

We know how to adapt to the processes and the needs of each customer.

Our heating elements equip different types of packaging production lines:

  • Bottles, glass or plastic,
  • Breakable bulbs,
  • Trays,
  • Bags and plastic bags,
  • Crystal bottles for cosmetics,
  • Paper pulp and cardboard (manufacturing and formatting),
  • Casks and barrels, plastic or wood,
  • Production of plastic films,
  • ….
Acim Jouanin precise heating for the manufacture of containers

Are you a packaging machine designer? Call on Acim Jouanin. We will assist you during your development to optimize the heating zone, heating elements and temperature control, while taking into account your constraints.

Product Packaging

Acim Jouanin heating to facilitate the packaging of fragile products

To facilitate the conditioning of certain products, a heating phase is necessary in order to make them more fluid. These materials, which are generally sensitive to heat, require appropriate heating, with elements and a temperature control method that does not risk degrading them.

Some examples of achievements:

  • Heating of metal drums for extraction of spread, after fluidization,
  • Heating of hoppers to facilitate the flow of the material,
  • Extracting honey,
  • Jam injection,

Sealing and Encapsulation

After having manufactured and filled the containers, it is necessary to close them in order to preserve their contents. One of the most popular methods is heat sealing. It requires the use of quality industrial heating elements to ensure reliable production and optimum sealing. This is about the health guarantee of the contents.

Many customers in the food and beverage, cosmetics or pharmacology industries have trusted us to develop thermal solutions in these sectors where compliance with standards and certifications is essential:

  • Sealing of medical and food lids by overmoulded heating elements,
  • Encapsulation of food products,
  • .
Acim Jouanin elements for food and pharmaceutical heat sealing

Each industrial production line has its specificities, each product requires certain adjustments. You can trust Acim Jouanin’s know-how to find the solution that suits you best.

Marking and Printing

Acim Jouanin heating solutions for marking and printing

Intimately linked to the marketing vision of brands, packaging helps to highlight their products.

We are here to help you equip your production lines with heating elements adapted to these needs:

  • Keep the ink at the right temperature,
  • To dry,
  • Hot stamping,
  • Laminate digital prints,
  • Maintain the humidity and temperature of storage areas,


Just look at any step of the manufacturing process to realize that our heating solutions can help you optimize it: Inking, screen printing, pallet and barrel marking, label cutting, plastic film lamination , …

80 years of experience in production and maintenance lines equipment, French know-how and quality parts: this is what Acim Jouanin will provide you.