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How to heat a liquid?

The heating of a liquid depends on many parameters: characteristics, desired temperature, environment, etc.

The extent of our ranges of products allows heating adapted to the nature of the fluid, whether in circulation or in static baths . We are also able to offer specific heaters for heating drums .

With more than 80 years of experience, Acim Jouanin will assist you in choosing your solutions.

Heating of liquids: some examples

The choice of the type of heating elements will be determined by several parameters:
the size and nature of the container, the method of fixing the element, the characteristics of the liquid itself and the method of heating ( direct or indirect ).

These illustrations are given as an example and only reflect some of the solutions that Acim Jouanin is able to offer.

In the case of metal tanks containing non-aggressive products, heating can be carried out by direct contact with the fluid. The immersion heater can be fixed to the wall using a flange or a screw cap.

Liquids with aggressive or corrosive properties require suitable heating solution. Depending on the technology chosen, the immersion heater must have a reduced watt density, but also be protected by a sheath (such as for ceramic core heaters), a suitable coating (type Halar®), coated with a Teflon® sheath, … .

These immersion heaters have the advantage of being removable, allowing easy maintenance operations (no need to drain the tank, etc.)

Associated with a pump, the circulating heater allows the indirect heating of a liquid contained in a tank, without any direct thermal intervention on the tank.

Another option lies in the possibility of heating the walls of the tank ( flexible heaters ) or the various inlet and outlet pipes ( tracing )

The heating of the liquid can also be carried out using bandheaters installed on the pipes or using flat mica heaters fixed to the walls of the tank.

Generally stored in drums, it is sometimes necessary to heat or maintain these liquids at temperature. Acim Jouanin has developed heating belts for these applications, in flexible or shielded versions.

For more specific applications ( plastic drums , IBC containers), Acim Jouanin offers belts or jackets adapted to the fragility of the contents (honey, spread, etc.) and containers (food, cosmetics, etc.).

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