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Heaters Specialist Alongside Energy Players

Today, energy saving, decarbonization and environmental preservation are the main axes of our evolving industries.

For many years, we have been supporting professionals, from the production of energy to its delivery.

Technologies evolve, energy production too. Building on our expertise in the treatment of fossil fuels, we have developed products and processes specifically dedicated to renewable energies and depollution.

Renewable Energies and Electrical Power Transmission

Renewable energies represent solutions for the future. At Acim Jouanin, our engineers support this development.

In the field of wind turbines , we have developed systems for maintaining the temperature of encoders, a device controlling the speed of rotation of the propeller and ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment, even in extreme conditions.

In the hydroelectric field, we also had to ensure the maintenance of dam equipment against freezing and to work on the dehumidification of some production devices, pumps and motors in different types of renewable energy production.

We will be able to help you ensure the maintenance of your energy transmission and storage systems through the production of discharge resistors for energy evacuation, frost protection of batteries and electrical cabinets, etc.


Equip the Oil & Gas Industry

Acim-Jouanin-manufacturer-of-ATEX-and-IECEX-electrical-heaters-for-the-Oli & Gas-sector

You’re producer and player in the oil or natural gas sector, you know how essential it is yo heat and maintain the temperature of both products (hydrocarbons, bitumen, tar, etc.) and your installations (drums, tanks, pipes, etc.) to secure and sustainable production.

We support your R&D teams , by providing specific heating elements for your laboratory devices (flash point tests, etc.), but also ovens to be integrated into your installations to carry out your fundamental research, particularly for gas separation.

Petrochemical plants are part of the high explosive risk installations. We have ATEX and IECEX certifications allowing the heating of liquids or air with immersion heaters or batteries… Over the course of our experience, we have learned to perfectly manage the temperature in these highly dangerous places.

Also call on us to maintain the temperature of your bitumen storage tanks…

Industrial Gas treatment

If your production process consists of separating different gases, we are able to provide you with the necessary equipment to heat these fluids.

The expansion of a gas occurs a cooling of the pipes, that why we can also assist you in defining the most suitable frost protection device, to avoid any malfunctions.

New fuels (LNG Liquefied Natural Gas, hydrogen, etc.) will enter more and more into the logic of decarbonization of our production and transport systems. We are able to supply electrothermal subassemblies to manufacturers of equipment for operating these gases: pressurized heaters, pipe freeze protection products, etc.

Join our experts for advice.


Mastership of Nuclear Industry Constraints


Our technical know-how has led us to work for nuclear power plants, in particular for the heating of acid baths, sodium and other aggressive liquids… These particularly demanding environments require extreme temperature precision to which we know how to respond, thanks to our heating elements and their temperature control system.

The end of production of certain plants also uses electric heating. We supply heating elements intended to extract shrink-fit parts by heat expansion.

To achieve this, we have the necessary certifications to operate in the nuclear sector.

Specialist in single parts or prototypes, we also assist laboratories in the sector by providing them with electrothermal parts for their tests (CEA, IRSN, etc.).

Waste Treatment and Recycling

In order to reduce the ecological impact of the industry, our engineers work on the needs related to the management and treatment of waste.

We collaborate with the designers of factories and processing centers, but also with the integrators who will apply their instructions.

Waste incinerators must be equipped with heating elements, in the treatment of ashes to avoid clogging or blockages in the hoppers. We are proud to equip the largest incinerator in Europe with our heating elements, in Vitry-sur-Seine, for commissioning in 2023.

We also act downstream of the boilers, on the treatment and analysis of fumes.

To allow the soils depollution, which is a public issue, we also produce electric heaters in order to vaporize the harmful components from the soil and recycle them after recovery on the surface.


Our areas of expertise allow us to offer solutions for biomass through the drying of organic materials and the treatment of gases.

Do not hesitate to call on us for your waste treatment units, incinerator ash treatment, smoke treatment and analysis, soil depollution and biomass treatment.