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Specialist in electrical heating solutions for railways for more than 50 years

Since 1965, Acim Jouanin has been the partner of many players of the railway industry.
Our electrical heating elements are used for frost protection and heating of infrastructures to ensure the safety of rail systems, switches, electrical cabinets, etc.
We also design and produce industrial heating elements for rolling stock (TGV, LGV, TER, metros and trams) and heating equipment for maintenance workshops.

We are partners of the biggest railway actors: SNCF, RFF, Île de France Mobilité (RATP), France Manche (Eurotunnel), Ineo, Lisea, Alstom, Faiveley Transport, etc.

Heating in the railway market is a major importance in order to guarantee the safety of passengers and agents.

Our Design Office is able to support you when defining heating elements for new railway lines or the rehabilitation of old ones.

When your needs require a high degree of quality, reliability and flawless security, we are here to meet them. Our conformities to the following certifications are proof of our respect for safety: NF C 79-620, NF EN 60335-1, NF F 13-209, NF F 13-835, ISO 9001 version 2015…

Our production site, based in France, ensures quality production, in small or medium series.
In light of the importance of this sector, we have made the strategic choice to keep the design and manufacture of our items in France in order to control production, its deadlines, and perpetuate the know-how of our country.

Railway network safety: fighting frost and snow

Ice and snow cause problems for rails and rolling stock in general, even more so for switch systems.

This is the reason why we bring you solutions adapted to your infrastructure: rail heater and heating of VCC (switch locking device). For optimal contact, we provide clamping brackets to guarantee good heat conduction for keeping your switches and crossings frost-free:

Protecting switches from freezing is essential for the reliability of rail transport. Our heating elements, specially designed for rails, are there to ensure the smooth running of lane change maneuvers, a guarantee of passenger safety.

Acim Jouanin heating elements for frost protection of switches

Railway rolling stock: safety and comfort

Acim Jouanin the heating of passenger trains and train driving cabs

It’s not just the railway network that needs to be warmed up, rolling stock too!

We have developed heating solutions for your track sanding nozzles, effective in all weathers, to guarantee wheel-rail adhesion, the basis of traction and braking in railway systems.

You can also trust us for the heating of driver’s cabins and passenger trains (air heater for plinth, plate heater) or even to equip the hand dryer systems in the sanitary facilities on board.

The watchword at Acim Jouanin: reliability. We know how the safety and comfort of passengers and staff are top priorities for railway networks.

Protection of railway electrical installations

Electrical cabinets are subject to bad weather and low temperatures. Condensation from ambient humidity can cause many malfunctions.

We offer solutions for heating and controling the temperature of the air inside cabinets. Ensuring the security of your electrical network, whatever the weather conditions, becomes easier with Acim Jouanin.

Acim Jouanin elemnts suitable for heating railway electrical installations

Railway maintenance and assembly workshops

You can also call on us to heat the workshops and premises to an optimal temperature for the comfort of your agents.

All the parts that we offer, in small or large series, will meet the safety standards specific to your activity. We were able to prove it by having ourselves approved by companies such as the SNCF and by equipping the RATP or Alstom.

Acim Jouanin heating railway maintenance workshops

Railway industry is not just about tracks, stations and rolling stock. They are also men and women who work in the maintenance workshops.

Our extensive experience in electrical heating element for industrial environments allows us to offer you heating device solutions for your processes.
assembly and maintenance: