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Strip heaters

Different technologies are available within the family of strip heaters :

Mica or silicone strip heaters allow homogeneous heating by heat conduction. Mounted on flat surfaces, these heaters are installed, for example, on the outer walls of tanks or on trays.

Ceramic strip heaters operate at a higher temperature, emitting their heat by radiation. They are mainly found in ovens or tunnels, where the need for energy is immediate.

Our strip heaters are mainly made according to your specifications , and can be personalized to meet specific needs: various geometric shapes (flat, circular, etc.), dimensions, cutouts, voltage, connections, etc.

Strip heaters

Different technologies are present within the family of strip heaters, making it possible to meet many applications for heating solids or liquids.

Mica or silicone strip haters are intended for heating flat surfaces, by heat conduction. It is an indirect heating of products, the heaters being installed on the outer walls of the tanks or on the trays, for example. Thin thickness, they allow homogeneous heating.

Ceramic strip heaters operate at high temperature, emitting their heat by radiation. They are mainly found in material transport tunnels or furnaces, where the immediate need for energy, mainly for heating solids.

Our strip heaters are made according to your specifications, and can be customized to meet your needs: flat, circular, conical shape, etc., dimensions, cutouts, voltage, connectors according to the available space, etc.


Mica strip heaters

Max T ° 340 ° C

340 ° C

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Ceramic strip heaters

Max T ° 750 ° C

750 ° C

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Flexible Surface Heaters

Max T ° 200 ° C

200 ° C

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A range of strip heaters for multiple applications

(temperatures, design, ...)


Low mass and compact, our strip heaters are used in applications requiring rapid temperature rises.

The silicone heaters are intended for heating sensitive materials at low temperature ( 200 ° C max.) , Such as hoppers receiving cosmetic creams or greases. We also find them in various uses such as plate warmers, batteries, anti-condensation systems …

Strip mica heaters, heating up to 350 ° C , are present in many applications such as heating injection molds , sealing tools , vulcanizing press plates , extrusion dies , hoppers , tank bottoms . ..

Ceramic heaters are mainly used in firing tunnels or pyrolysis ovens , in various fields such as the glass industry, thermoplastic industry, etc. up to 750 ° C.

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