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80 years of thermal expertise at the service of industry

Whatever the industrial sector concerned, a heating step is necessary. It is in this context that Acim Jouanin is called upon to intervene: engineering advice, case studies, development of dedicated solutions, simulations, tests and prototyping, supply and commissioning of products and equipment.

For more than 8 decades, we have been present in France and all around the world. We have extensive experience in electrothermics and temperature control, in many industrial sectors: automotive, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, construction, etc.

Trust our know-how, our French quality production and our people who already have experience in your sector of activity.

Temperature Management in the Automotive Industry

We address technical solutions including heating elementsand associated control device, essential for automotive production equipment.

Some examples of achievements:

  • Heat treatment tunnels for brake discs
  • Heating tables for shaping carpet pieces
  • Heating of molds for dashboard coverings, windshield seals, tire manufacturing, etc.
  • Treatment of rubber parts (extrusion, compression, etc.)

We also equip “rolling” equipment for specific needs of our customers: heating of crane cabins or handles of operators on household waste collection trucks, frost protection of batteries for electric vehicles, etc.


Treatment and Curing of Industrial Materials


Acim Jouanin heating elements are present in equipment intended for industrial processes and allowing the temperature setting of materials before impregnation, the baking or drying of paints, the bonding of parts, etc.

Our various developments in these very specialized sectors have enabled us to train ourselves in compliance with regulations, both in terms of quality and safety on solutions ranging from simple to complex.

We adapt the heating solution to the dedicated product: Paint powder baking tunnel applied to metal parts, consisting of a first infrared heating zone for pre-gelation, then a second zone heated by stirred air (forced convection ) to polymerize it from the powder.

Other examples of industrial applications: Paint baking, treatment and baking of powders, polymerization of resins, dehydration, bonding by thermo-fusion (sponges, sports equipment, etc.), molding, extrusion, paint booths (ATEX products) …

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can study your needs and respond to them in the best possible way according to your specificity.

Heat in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sector

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries need precise heat management in all of their manufacturing processes.

If we rarely occur on the final products, we support the industrialis of the sector in the development of their production tools:

    • Packaging Manufacturing
    • Packaging
    • Destruction of bacteria
    • Frost protection

The very specific packaging of pharmaceutical products is well known to our engineers, we will be able to offer you the best solutions.


Heat Management in Metallurgy


Heat treatment is crucial in the metallurgical sector. It determines the mechanical strength of the materials, as well as their weather resistance. The manufacture and transformation of alloys and metals is a science combining precision and strength.

We have equipped the metallurgical and steel industry for years on several aspects of metal processing:

  • Thermal treatment
  • Bath heating
  • Drying
  • Steaming


Our engineering consulting team is at your disposal to help you choose, adapt, revamp, maintain, repair or develop your industrial equipment.

Curing, Drying and Heating in the Construction Industry

Our scope is large as heat treatment and its management is a necessity in almost any industry. Construction is no exception.

We operate at several levels:

  • Among raw material producers:
    • Concrete curing;
    • Firing roof tiles;
  • Directly on construction sites to protect them from weather conditions:
    • Pipes frost protection ;
    • Plaster drying by fan heaters;
    • Tanks heating;
  • On infrastructure and buildings:
    • HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning) by heating with primary or terminal batteries;
    • DHW (domestic hot water) by ceramic core heaters;

We are at your disposal for all specific needs, whether you are a project manager, engineer, producer or infrastructure manager. Whatever your sector of activity, Acim Jouanin offers solutions designed for you.