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Thermal solutions applied to analysis and research laboratories

Precise heat management is essential in the field of scientific research. Our know-how in electrothermal engineering and our production tool allow us to define suitable heating elements and the associated thermal control system.

Whether you are a laboratory, university, school or industry, contact us for your thermal needs. We will support you throughout the development of the product: from the theoretical thermal study to the prototype and the production of one or more parts.

Temperature, Support of Research

Testing and analysis processes require precise heat and require specific heating and cooling cycles. These can be associated with temperature rise ramps, holding stages and setpoints with a defined duration.

Call on our collaborators to develop your thermal needs. Together, we will define the heating elements adapted to your process, the temperature measurement as well as the associated control.

We can also support you to repair or improve your current processes.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Nuclear environment: temperature test resistance of parts
  • Material aging tests
  • Heating of materials: composites, powders, materials, etc.
  • Healthcare: Gas analysis oven, blood analyzer
  • Oceanographic Research : Analysis of sea water
  • Oil & Gas industry: Flash point test
Precise temperature serving research Acim Jouanin

Your request can be unitary, do not hesitate to call on us. For example, we have provided prototype equipment to PhD students. For Acim Jouanin, there are no small customers, only great solutions.

R&D Environment Equipment

We also provide equipment (technical solutions) for very advanced scientific and research environments (CERN, CNRS, INRA; IFPen, EDF, etc.). Temperature management and control often play a very important role in these analytical processes. They can be used to analyze or reproduce particular conditions of use.

Acim Jouanin thermal solutions for analysis and research laboratories

Aging tests, for example, involve repetitive cycling of temperature variations. Laboratory glassware needs precise and reliable heat.

Contact us for advice on equipping your research environment. Here are some topics on which we have developed technical solutions:

  • Heating modules for particle accelerators
  • Great depths simulator
  • Energetic performance
  • Rheology of plastics
  • Crystallography furnaces
  • Heating of laboratory glassware

Heating Control of Fragile Products

Fragile products are materials requiring special precautions so as not to be altered by temperature. Generally, they require gentle heating with a low watt density, progressive, respecting a temperature rise ramp and/or a specific bearing temperature in order to avoid any degradation.

We find these materials, particularly in the scientific research community, but also in the cosmetics sector and industry. These products, present in the form of oil or grease, must be heated and controled with precision to obtain a particular viscosity allowing their exploitation or facilitating their packaging.

We will be able to advise you on the best heating and holding methods adapted to your products.

Engineering is a science that serves other sciences.

Acim Jouanin heating elements for fragile products