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How to heat a gas?

Acim Jouanin develops and manufactures solutions that meet the air heating needs of professionals, in natural convection as in forced air, for processes such as premises, in healthy or explosive atmospheres (ATEX and IECEX)

Gas heating: various solutions

These illustrations are given as an example and only reflect some of the solutions that Acim Jouanin is able to offer.

Acim Jouanin offers several options for personnel heating:

  • By forced air with mobile unit heaters ,
  • By natural convection with industrial heaters ,
  • By radiation with infrared panels in post heating,
  • As part of an HVAC network, with primary battery and terminals.

When your processes require large volumes of high-temperature air, Acim Jouanin designs and manufactures custom-made hot air generators or suitable process coils.

When the need is more limited, to protect an electrical box from freezing, cabinet heaters have been developed

As a supplier to railway and public transport manufacturers, Acim Jouanin has developed specific systems for these markets over the years, such as air heating for baseboards installed in trains, for passenger comfort .

Alone or integrated into complete sets, Acim Jouanin offers a wide range of finned heating elements for free or forced convection ( ovens , convectors , etc.)

Derived from the standard electric convector, the ATEX radiator allows an identical mode of heating in explosive gas or dust atmospheres.

Circulating gas or air heaters allow heating and maintaining high temperatures in drying, polymerization or preheating processes.

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