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Acim Jouanin Engineering solutions

You are an industrial company and you want to integrate new heat treatment equipment into your process?

Our Engineering department , composed of design and development experts, is ready to design and manufacture for you ,special machines and complex heating systems .

Technicians, heating engineers, electricians, mechanics and methodists are mobilized to study your project.

Based on well known software tools as well as flexibility of our production workshops, the know-how of our teams allows us to offer you from the simple customization of a standard product to the overall design of a complex thermal processing unit.:

  • Heating tables ,
  • Hot air and/or infrared heating tunnels ,
  • Ovens in natural or forced convection,
  • Industrial and laboratory ovens ,
  • Air duct heater ,
  • Circulating fluid heaters (liquids, air or gases)

Some of these products can also be manufactured under specific certifications: UL , ATEX , IECEX .

Compliance with these regulations is guaranteed by our ISO 9001-2015 certification, as well as our partnership with recognized key players such as INERIS , LCIE , LNE , SGS .

Acim Jouanin supports you in all steps of your project:
from the survey phase to the installation and commissioning of your equipment.

A thermal study to qualify your needs

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Your process needs to be heated and you don’t know which solution implement to achieve this?

First, we suggest that you qualify your needs by carrying out a thermal analysis which will allow us to calibrate our proposal according to your dimensional constraints, power, temperature, efficiency, industrial environment and budget!

In our business, the problem is often unique but the solutions can be multiple.

Our heating engineers will therefore be able to offer you the best answer by sizing the most suitable thermal solution .

CAD: integrate our heating solutions into your process

The heating solution defined by our engineers is then transmitted to our mechanics and electricians who will add the “business” characteristics allowing the development of your future equipment.

To design our complex systems, we use the CAD suite under SolidWorks®, allowing you to easily integrate our 3D plans into your libraries.

Our teams are also regularly trained in the latest 3D design software versions.

Electrical routing

Electrical routing, a guarantee of quality

What could be more unpleasant for a maintenance technician than to dismantle a piece of equipment with cables all over the place …

Thanks to the expertise of our electricians, we anticipate this subject from the design phase of the machine and optimize our electrical routings in order to guarantee optimum maintainability of our equipment.

Electrical and thermal safety

The electrical and thermal safety of our equipment, a daily commitment

As an electrothermal specialist, safety is the first of our concerns.

To acheive this, the electrical and thermal risks that could jeopardize the safety of users are managed right from the study phase.

Our teams are paying a great attention to comply with the various applicables regulations to allow your operators and maintenance technicians to use them without any risk.

Technical documentation

Complete technical documentation from assembly to commissioning

Each special machine or complex system is delivered with a complete manufacturer’s file:

  • Installation and commissioning instructions,
  • 2D and 3D plans,
  • Electrical diagrams,
  • Various certificates (subjects, EU…),
  • Welding certificate
  • Control report by external accredited organisations or Acim Jouanin Quality department
  • List of spare parts,
Project management

Thoroughness is at the center of the management of our projects

In term of design and production of heating and control sets, our teams use all their know-how to acheive our commitments in terms of quality, costs and deadlines.

Our project managers will guide you through all the phases of study, conception, manufacturing, fine-tuning, testing and acceptance of your equipment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your projects, we will be at your side on a daily basis to satisfy you and offer you the best results.

Engineering at Acim Jouanin:
The expertise of a Specialist at your service!

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