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How to heat a solid?

Heat a solid can be done in two ways: direct or indirect . In direct mode, the heating element is in contact with the part. In indirect mode, it acts at a distance.

These techniques can be applied to drying, heat sealing, baking…

Acim Jouanin supports you in the choice of solutions applicable to these processes.

Heating solids: several possibilities are available to you

These illustrations are given as an example and only reflect some of the solutions that Acim Jouanin is able to offer.

Some materials have the particularity of forming solid clusters when they cool, creating a risk of clogging in the pipes of a process.

Our solutions make it possible to dry this material in contact with a heated surface, during its passage at a key moment in a process, for example, in a hopper .

Acim Jouanin studies and designs custom made or standard heaters for heating plates , which can be used for molding rubber, plastic and composite parts.

These elements can be plated on the surface (flat heaters) or inserted in the heart of the plate (cartridge heaters) and associated with a temperature sensor.

Heating moving parts cannot be achieved by contact. It is therefore necessary to have an indirect heating element, making it possible to transfer the calories from a distance

Two technologies are possible: heating by hot air and by infrared.

From the single heating element to the complete drying tunnel , Acim Jouanin assists you in the definition and design of custom made assemblies respecting the needs and constraints of your processes.

Heat sealing requires applying a precise temperature to the entire surface in contact with the protective film, in order to guarantee the quality of the seal and preserve the integrity of the contents.

Acim Jouanin offers solutions adapted to this type of process, in terms of power and heating speed.

In industry it is often necessary to preheat, reprocess, maintain temperature, harden parts or materials.

Acim Jouanin offers a range of heating tables , standard or custom made, dedicated to this type of application, integrating an electrical control panel.

Stand-alone or integrated into a cabinet, Acim Jouanin offers a wide range of temperature control products: sensors , regulators , actuators , electrical panels , etc.

Beyond the heating of a sheath and its contents, bandheaters are also used for shrinking.

Playing on the phenomenon of expansion of metals, the outer element called hoop is heated in order to introduce the inner part, called hoop part and allow when the assembly cools, to make one and the other united.

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