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Performance and Reliability Serving the Plastics Industry

In perpetual technological evolution, the plastics market uses a large number of techniques for transforming plastic materials.

Our knowledge of this industry has been built on decades of experience and thousands of customers, enabling us to develop and manufacture optimum heating and temperature control systems.

Vital parameter in the plastics industry, suitable heating makes it possible to obtain quality production, avoiding rejects and costly stoppages. We are present in many manufacturing processes such as molding, injection, extrusion, etc.

Listening to market developments, we also expand our skills to heat biosourced and recycled plastic materials.

We collaborate with machine manufacturers and end users to develop specific equipment to their needs, whether unit or series.

Perfect Knowledge of Plastic Transformation Processes

Under the name plastics, we find three main categories of polymers: thermosets, thermoplastics and elastomers.

All these materials require specific shaping processes depending on the nature of the plastic and the final shape of the product, requiring specifically adapted temperature management.

We are involved in the main processes used in the plastics industry: injection, molding, extrusion, dipping, thermoforming, etc.

Our know-how covers the work of materials as: elastomers, rubbers, polymers, PVC, composite materials, resins, etc.

Acim Jouanin heating molds and nozzles

We design and manufacture heating elements adapted to your process ( band heaters , flat heaters , heating cartridges , etc.). We support you in the choice of temperature sensors and control systems to obtain the best results.

We operate from the heating of the hoppers of plastic granules to the one of the moulds, through the endless screw and the various peripherals present (thermoregulators, etc.)

Plastic Industry Equipment

Acim Jouanin electrical heating elements used for injection molding machines

The plastics industry requires precise temperature management in most of its production steps. We are able to supply you for most of your needs:

  • Heating of molds by flat heaters, heating cartridges, coil formable heater,
  • Screws and extrusion heads heated by mica or ceramic bands heaters,
  • Hoppers heated by flat mica heaters,
  • Shielded mica clamps with sealed profile for heating nozzles
  • hot air blowing,
  • Ceramic core elements for thermoregulators

We adapt the heating technology according to the working temperature of the plastic, the shapes and the dimensions to be heated.

We have ranges of heating elements available from stock for quick replacements, but we also manufacture custom made parts according to your specificities.

Temperature Control

As temperature managment plays a major role in the quality of the parts produced, we assist you in defining the most suitable control loop for your process (sensor, controller, power SSR, etc.)

We offer a range of sensors, thermocouples and PT100, in various shapes, suitable for the plastics industry:

  • Bayonet sensors, for pressure adjustment
  • Screw-in sensors, for nozzle heads,
  • Surface sensors, to slide under the heating element so as not to pierce the sheath
UL electrical box produced by Acim Jouanin

The quality and accuracy of the control depend on the components you choose. From the simplest on/off control to the optimized PID solution with solid state relay, Acim Jouanin is able to offer you the components best suited to your needs.

Do not hesitate to browse our site and join us to define the sensor / controller combination you need.

The plastics of Today and Tomorrow...

Acim Jouanin heating elements adapted to the development of bio-sourced plastics

Taking an increasingly important place in our societies, ecology impacts the world of plastics processing, encouraging it to develop new materials .

The plastics industry is part of this eco-responsible approach and demonstrates innovation by working with biosourced plastics . This specific plastics make it possible to replace materials of fossil origin with vegetable or recycled material, thus reducing their carbon footprint.

Among the raw materials most used in bio-based packaging, we find in particular:

  • starch from corn, potato, wheat…
  • plant fibers such as cellulose from wood or miscanthus.


These materials have mechanical physical properties close to conventional plastic materials, but require us to support manufacturers in adapting their machines to work with these new materials. They require different process temperatures from the polymers currently used:

Molded parts, profiles, pipes, cables, films, bags, plates, packaging, bottles, tyres, etc.


When designing a machine, heating is often the last parameter studied, which does not always allow the heating elements to be integrated as required, often due to lack of space….

Our Design Office is available to help you during the design phase of your machine, in order to define the most suitable heating elements, determine the optimum positioning of the temperature sensors and thus benefit from the most accurate measurement possible…

Anticipating the after-sales service of your machine (ergonomics and accessibility of resistors, etc.), will allow you to save precious time.

We are at your disposal to study the upgrading of your machines and improve your production equipment.

Acim Jouanin: your “Thermal Expertise” Insurance.