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Food and Beverage partner
at all steps of the production line

From animal breeding to meat transformation process, from cooking to dehydration, from sterilization to packaging, including respect for the cold chain, Acim Jouanin products and solutions are a reference choice for the entire food and beverage industry.

Specialist in thermal electrical equipment, we manufacture heating and control systems, essential parts for all industrial equipment in the food and beverage industry. If none of our standard catalog products are suitable to your needs, Acim Jouanin's Engineering department will develop a custom-made one especially for you.

We are able to answer to individual production requests, in small or medium series.
You are a manufacturer, we stay at your side to equip your machines and offer you innovative solutions.

You are an industrial or a final user, we support you in finding technical or replacement solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for spare parts if the after-sales service of your machines is no longer provided by the original manufacturer.

Together, we will find the solutions you need, from our catalog or by developing new dedicated technical solutions.

Acim Jouanin specialist in heating equipment for the food and beverage industry

Acim Jouanin is a French company, our production is carried out in Normandy and requested by manufacturers from all over the world!

Breeding: Warm Animals and Prevent Freezing

Acim Jouanin, des dispositifs de chauffage pour l'élevage, la sterilisation et la pasteurisation

Your facilities need to be heated. We offer various products specially designed for heating intended for breeding. The items that we produce can participate from the animal birth (nursery, incubator) but also support the herd during its growth (milk heaters, frost protection for drinking troughs, marking).

If you sterilize part of the production yourself, dairy or cheese for example, we can also supply your heating, sterilization and pasteurization systems. Food processing is also one of our specialties.

Food Processing

The majority of the requests we deal with concern electric heating and temperature management in industrial food processing processes.

In any production line, at least one step involves the managment of a precise temperature. We have an acknowledged expertise in the field of designing and manufacturing items specifically dedicated to food production.

Throughout our 80 years of experience, we have been able to follow the changes in standards and health. We are thus able to meet all your present and future needs, whatever your constraints.

Acim Jouanin: from aperitif to dessert, we can deal with everything!

Acim Jouanin electric heating of industrial food processing processes.jpg

Cooking, drying and maintening a temperature

For all your heating, blowing, drying, dehydration, food processing needs… We know how to deal with all the players in the sector.

Pasteurization, sterilization and decontamination

Specialists in heating processes for sterilization and decontamination machines, we also have extensive experience in milk processing systems in all its forms (yogurt, cheese, etc.).

Food Extrusion Systems

Food extrusion is today at the heart of the industry for a very wide range of products. We have developed experience in heating processes specific to these fields: from the confectioner to the chocolate maker, from the manufacturer of pasta to aperitif cakes, to kibble for pets.

Packaging for Food and Beverage professionals


Packaging also requires heating parts, from vacuuming to sealing, labeling, thermoforming trays, corking, etc.

Many of our customers need reliable and durable products that meet all the health and hygiene standards essential in the food and beverage industry.

Packaging and cartoning machines

Trust 80 years of experience in industrial heating systems, temperature maintenance, thermal control and for your packaging machines or lines.

Packaging for catering and food and beverage industry

The sanitary standards of the food industry are strict and this is normal. We know how critical packaging machine precision and temperature control are to meeting these standards. You can rely on Acim Jouanin heating systems for packaging, placing in trays, placing a lid or even capping your products.

Bottling and Thermoforming

Glass or plastic bottles as well as thermoforming both require precise and reliable temperature management to carry out these operations. We have been able to develop all the elements that your machines will need to ensure this reliability in heat management.

Explosionproof heating systems (ATEX)

Our products are specifically certified for the safety of people and installations. Throughout our experience, we have learned to perfectly manage heat in dangerous aeras where the presence of gas or dust can generate an explosive atmosphere (ATEX zones).

Respect for the Cold Chain and Storage Security

Heating specialists, we are also present in cold management. For example, we design heating elements to maintain the temperature of electric fan heaters or electronic components and to protect your equipment from freezing in cold rooms.

Cold chain and HVAC for food storage and transport

You can trust us to ensure proper control of heat flows in your cold chain or air conditioning, whether on your fixed or mobile installations.

Acim Jouanin offers resistors adapted to the cold chain

Heating of Infrastructure

Acim Jouanin offers heating solutions for industrial food processes

Beyond food and beverage processes, our products are perfectly adapted to your industrial installations and infrastructures.

Air heating, production and transit of hot water , heating of baths (oils, maintenance fluids etc.), decontamination…
Do not hesitate to consult us for all your requests, we will be able to advise you the best and support you in your project.