Acim Jouanin at the CFIA show in Rennes on March 8.9.10, 2022

What is the CFIA? The CFIA (Carrefour des suppliers de l’industrie agroalimentaire) is a show created in 1997 which brings together 1,600 exhibitors, players in the agri-food sector, to present solutions for the future that meet the needs of all levels of the production chain. Ingredients & PAI Equipment & Processes Packing & Packaging Over […]

Acim Jouanin and the FIP show in Lyon on April 5 – 8, 2022

What is FIP? Flagship and benchmark event for the entire profession. The FIP (France Innovation Plasturgie) federates all the actors to bring high the performance of a high-tech, competitive and responsible plastics industry. Show link: Acim Jouanin and the FIP? Acim Jouanin as a player in the plastics industry with its heating solutions, will […]