Short infrared

The short infrared is located in wavelengths between 0.76 and 2µm.

Short infrared lamps are characterized by a high power density for a small footprint and emit heat almost instantly after ignition.

They are used in particular in scrolling tunnels for surface heating.

Short infrared

The short infrared is located in wavelengths between 0.76 and 2µm.

This technology is characterized by a high power density per square meter and an almost instantaneous heat emission, is used in particular in tunnels on parts where deep heating is necessary.

Infrared lamps

Technical characteristics

With many advantages, these lamps are commonly used in industry for short-term exposure of the part to be heated (drying of paint and paper, reactivation of glue, thermoforming of plastics, etc.)

Main characteristics :

  • Coiled tungsten filament heated to high temperature ( 2400 to 2600 K depending on the model), inserted in a quartz tube and bathed in halogen gas.
  • Quartz highly resistant to thermal shock
  • Some models are equipped with a layer of paint acting as a reflector to concentrate the radiation towards the part to be heated.
  • Power supply by metal tabs or by PTFE wires mounted on ceramic bases
  • Depending on the models, the lamps can be installed horizontally or in other


Short infrared lamps have many advantages:

  • Long life of 5000 hours on average
  • Instant on (1 sec). These lamps, coupled with a suitable regulation system, allow very precise temperature control.
  • Easy replacement
Product range

On stock range

  • Connectors by FEP insulated wires with fork lugs (max T°: 200°C), mounted on ceramic bases.
    • Length: 226 to 352 mm
    • Power: 500 to 2000 W
    • Voltage: 230 V mono
    • White reflector


  • Metal tab connectors
    • Length: 370 to 798 mm
    • Power: 1000 to 3000 W
    • Voltage: 230 V or 400 V mono, depending on models.
    • White reflector or bare quartz tube, depending on models


These lamps require a few precautions for use:

  • Lamp connectors must not be subjected to high temperature (350°C max)
  • Use gloves to handle the lamps so as not to leave greasy deposits on the quartz tube.



If you have not found the model you want among our stored range, we also offer other types of short infrared lamps with other combinations of dimensional characteristics, power and connectors (splice instead of fork lugs) that can be best suited to your process.

Do not hesitate to consult us.

Regulatory characteristics
  • Manufacturing according to standard EN 60335-1
  • Tolerance on power: +5% -5%
  • Materials compliant with Reach , Rohs and CE regulations
Additional Products

The use of short infrared lamps may require the installation of associated products:

Downloadable documents

Downloadable sheets :

  1. Technical data sheet

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