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Tracing - Self-Regulating Tapes
and Heating Mats

Our self- regulating heating cables are used in construction, industry, the food industry, to protect pipes, tanks, containers, as well as for defrosting gutters, downspouts and cold room door seals.

“The colder it is, the more they heat up. Conversely, the warmer it is, the less energy they consume”. Another advantage and not the least, they can be cut to the desired length and avoid any overheating.

Technical characteristics

Our self-regulating cables are available in different forms: either sold to the desired length or by reel then to be cut to the desired length of use, or ready to use, with integrated thermostat…

Self-regulating cable 65°C max. :

  • Tapered heating cable, fitted with aluminum foil and a polyolefin outer sheath.
  • Maximum ambient temperature without power: 80 ° C
  • Maximum surface temperature under voltage: 65°C
  • Power: from 10 W/m to 20 W/m, at 10°C. Other power on request.
  • Supply voltage: 230v single phase
  • Tape supplied with ground wire


Self-regulating cable 120°C max. :

  • Braided heating cable with FEP sheath and sheath.
  • Maximum surface temperature without power: 200 ° C
  • Maximum surface temperature, under voltage: 120°C.
  • Power: 45W/meter at 10°C. Other power on request.
  • Supply voltage: 230v single phase


Easy to use, these cables nevertheless require a certain number of accessories: termination kit, connection kit, fixing adhesive, connection box, regulation, etc.

We also offer ready-to-use models with built-in thermostat , allowing automatic power-up as soon as the temperature drops below 5°C.

To define your product, fill out our definition form and consult us

Product range

Standardized range

Self-regulating cable 65°C max:

  • AJ10WC:
    • External dimensions: 4.9x13mm
    • Maximum length under tension: 200 m
    • Wire section: 1.23 mm²
  • AJ15W:
    • External dimensions: 5.8×8.3 mm
    • Maximum length under tension: 100m
    • Wire section: 0.57 mm²
  • AJ20W:
    • External dimensions: 4.9x13mm
    • Maximum length under tension (m): 155 m
    • Wire section: 1.23 mm²


Self-regulating cable 120°C max:

  • AJ45W:
    • 45 W / m cable at 10 ° C (length to be specified)
Regulatory characteristics

Products compliant with regulations:

  • CSTB
  • Reach , Rohs
  • THIS

Downloadable documents

Self-regulating cables

  1. Technical data sheet
  2. Definition form

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