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17 000 m² to serve you

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We are among the European leading manufacturers of electrothermic solutions
 (heating elements, heating devices, ATEX heaters, UL heaters...etc)
with over 100,000 available items according to your requirements, in our 2000m² stock facility..."

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650, Rue Vulcain - ZI n°1, Nétreville - BP 1725
27017 EVREUX Cedex - FRANCE

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Tel : 33/

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Tel : 33/

Fax : 33/



Acim Jouanin - Web: www.acim-jouanin.fr - E:mail :export@acim-jouanin.fr - Tel:33/ - Fax:33/


ACIM JOUANIN - band heaters, cartridge heaters, strip heaters, tubular elements,
infrared emitters, coil heaters, flexible heaters, fan heaters, cast in heaters,
drums heaters, regulation, oven, accessories