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In addition to connection leads....

Temperature regulator TOR or PID, electric box ...

Temperature sensors thermocouples, leads and thermistors

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Access to french pages

Access to french pages

Connection cables, heating leads
thermocouple cables and insulated sheathes

cables d'alimentation, fils chauffants , cables de thermocouples



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fils monoconducteurs

Monoconductive cables

Copper conductor, copper nickel or nickel, with different insulation.

Characteristics (PDF - 257 ko)

cables multiconducteurs

Multiconductive cables

Cables with earth wire : nickel copper conductor, nickel or stainless steel, with différent insulation.

Characteristics (PDF - 104 ko)

gaines thermoretractables

Thermoretractable sheathes

Characteristics (PDF - 104 ko)

gaines isolantes

Insulating sheath

Characteristics (PDF - 171 ko)

fils et rubans resistifs

Leads and resistive ribbons

Characteristics (PDF - 160 ko)

fils de thermocouple et compensation

Instrumentation leads
thermocouple leads,
compensation leads.


theorie Theory : colors and FEM of thermocouples, ohmic values of PT100   ... 





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