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Coronavirus - COVID 19
 Regarding the government measures put in place against the spread of the the coronavirus

Our company is closed from March 17rd 2020
 until march 31st 2020 included.

Do not hesitate to return to our website
which we will updated regulary.


Event  : K Fair 2019
The world's n°1 trade fair for plastics and rubber

Acim Jouanin exposera du K 2019

Practical informations :

Please have a look at our exhibitor profile page,
to get more information about us, discover our
products or  prepare your visit


Exhibitor at K trade fair 2019 !
Düsseldorf, Germany

16 - 23 oct. 2019

Acim Jouanin expose
 Hall 11 - Stand E42



Come to discover the heating solutions the most fitted to your process

Discuss with our thermal experts
about your technical issues:
we listen to you!


Surprise ! 

An innovation will be unveiled ...

Be the first ones
to discover it !!


The focus of Acim Jouanin :

Plastic industry

 «Tailored solutions for all your needs»

Examples of applications…

strip heaters Band heaters Nozzle heaters
Cartridges heaters
Sensors Regulation

The solutions of Acim Jouanin

Colliers chauffants

Band heaters

These elements are designed for the heating or maintening of cylindrical parts: Injection nozzles or sheathes; all needs for high heating capacity or temperature…

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Strip heaters

These elements are designed for space-saving equipments: heating for injection moulding machines or welding machines; all needs to heat a surface by conduction…

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Résistances plates
Cartouches chauffantes

Cartridges heaters

Traditional cartridges or split sheath cartridges. These elements are used for tool heating, injection moulding machines, welding machines…

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Sensors and regulators

Accessories and regulation systems to control heating elements: regulators, static relays, control panels, wires, cables and sheathes, sensors, electrical plugs…

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Regulation systems


ACIM JOUANIN thanks you for your visit
 to the CFIA fair in Rennes

During the last CFIA 2019 fair in Rennes (France), many of you were present
 to come and see us on our booth

Acim Jouanin sincerly thanks you for the quality of these exchanges.

Acim Jouanin au CFIA de RENNES

Do you need electric heating elements for a special application ?

Please feel free to submit your request for quotation or send us
your specifications on the following email adress: jouanin@acim-jouanin.fr


We will do our best to guide you in the success of your projects
and answer you as soon as possible.


Range Electrical Heating Elements For over 70 years, the electric heating is our business.

Anything that needs to be brought up to or maintained in temperature within one degree of accuracy is our concern.

Our products provide heating of air, water, gas, liquids, metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or foods

Standard or customised products, large series or unit quantity, our heat engineers will meet your requirements. .
You know your product characteristics? Write us!

You want to discover our products? Consult our range!


If you want to have a general survey of our range of manufacturing

Please have a look at our general documentation showing all our products




For further information, don't hesitate to clic on "Range"


You are looking after a particular product :

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Acim Jouanin range of electrical heaters

Theory :

Thermic calculations, intensity calculations... go

Access to theory documentation  Access to theory documentation  Access to theory documentation

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