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band heaters

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Tubular elements

Tubular heaters and finned tubular heaters


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Elements blindes

Tubular elements

Principle drawings

resistances a ailettes

Tubular heaters with rectangular fins


resistances a ailettes spiralees

Tubular heaters with spiral fins



  • Mounting advice

  • Use recommendation of the formable coil heaters

  • After having placed an order for Acim Jouanin products, you will receive the “General Safety Instructions” together with your products. For your security, please consult them.
    Download the “General Safety Instructions” note.


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In addition to tubular heaters ....

fils cables regulation capteurs de temperature accessoires

Leads, cables
electric connexion

Temperature regulator TOR ou PID,
electrical box ...

Temperature sensors
Thermocouples, PT100 sensors (RTD), thermistors

Thermocouple leads
 and connectors

Plugs, lugs ...



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