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"Band heaters"
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band heaters

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Mica band heaters UL and CSA certified

Mica band heaters
UL and CSA certified

Band heaters certified
UL for USA and CSA for Canada.
File number: E251509

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  • Characteristics

- Tailor made heaters, with UL components.
   Certificate number: E251509.
- Max. watt density over the surface of the heater: 8W/cm²
- Max. operating temperature over the surface of the heater: 350°C, depending on working
- Range of products:  Inside diameter: 120 to 630mm
  Outside height: 90 to 424mm
  Max. wattage: 6000W
  Max. voltage: 600V single phase or three phase, with a maximum intensity of 20 A per connection.
- Sheath and clamping in aluminised steel (standard)
- Band heaters also available in stainless steel.
- Electric insulation with mica
- Connection bolts mounted on rectangular base 40x70mm (single phase).
  Three phase: please get in touch with us.
- Connection:
        - Without cap: terminals, leads
        - With cap: plug (V < 300V), braid
        - Cap direction: axial, radial or tangential.
- Band heaters provided with earth wire.
- Clamping: bearing or compensated clamp for diameters superior to 300 mm.
- Band heater thickness (except connection): from 5 to 7.5 mm, depending on the voltage.
  (NB: the classic Mica band heaters thickness goes from 2.8 to 4 mm, depending on the technology).
- Tolerance on power: +5% -10%
- It is possible to add accessories such as thermocouple bridge or welded lug.

Manufacturing of products according to the feasibility study and compatibility
between intensity, power density and dimensions.

  • Volume

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