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Flat heating elements

These elements, flat section, have many advantages over the heating elements round section:

  • Superior exchange surface with the heated material,
  • Lower power density with equal length and power: optimize the element lifetime,
  • Shorter heater with equal power,
  • Forming of the heater upon request according to your requirements…
elements plats chauffants ou cartouches plates
cartouches plates - detail de la section

They can be used in varied applications such as :

- Heat conduction: for tools, plates, moulds, hoppers…

- Liquid heating: in the oil industry some applications require many kilowatts,.

- Air heating: exchanger with plates…

  • Technical description :

Specially manufactured heaters.

Heaters with 12 x 5.5mm – section.
Power density: up to 15 W/cm2.*
Surface temperature: 700°C max.*
* Density and temperature according using conditions.

304-Stainless steel metalic cable. Other materials according using conditions. Please, consult us.

The extremity of the element, the connection side, is sealed up to avoid the insight of any external agent in the element.
2 types of connection: “circular” or “flat”. (see drawing)
The other extremity is waterproof welded.

Electric insulation with extremely compacted mineral insulation.

The power supply cable are protected on the connection with ceramic perls or sheathing,
according to the manufacturing technology.

Standard connection: PTFE flexible insulated leads, length 150mm.
(max. working temperature: 250°C)
Standard length by 250mm-multiple up to 1000mm.
Other lengths: contact us. Other connection: see range.

Power supply: Amperage (6.8 A max.) and voltage depending on the characteristics of the heater.

Total length of the sheathing: min. 100mm – max. 3500mm

Section tolerance: ± 0.1 mm.
Length tolerance: ± 2 %, with min. ± 5 mm. Other upon request

Manufacturing according the EN 60335-1 standard.



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  • Dimensions :

Round section :

encombrement extrémité ronde

Flat section :

 encombrement extrémité plate separation
  • Connections :

In addition to the standard connections :

Leads : Silicone insulated multiconductor cable Flexible metal sheathing Metal braided cable
Glass fiber insulated leads (use up to 350°C)

Ceramic perls protected leads (use up to 650°C)

Use up to 180°C. Joint with heat-shrink cable.

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  • Accessories :

Cable protection spring Threaded connection Also fitting flanges, special leg bolts…

For each request of accessory mounting, a plan with dimensions will be required.
ressort de protection du cable raccord fileté
  • Special manufacturing :

The heating areas can be positionned along the flat element, according to the requirements of your application. For example :

Uniform heating area :
Multi-areas, with 1 reinforced heating area
on the extremity:

Do not hesitate to contact us for heating elements with non-heating areas superior
to standard data…
A technical specification sheet will be required for each specially manufactured product.

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  • Element forming :

Forming limits, in the thickness
 of the flat element :
Forming limits, on the width side
 of the flat element :

Caption  :       NC : Non-heating length              R : Internal radius of forming

  • Production examples of flat heating elements :

The flat heating elements can be formed according to your needs.
We can form the heating elements or you can do it on your own. In this particular case, please specify it so that the elements be annealed.



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