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Electrical furnaces

Acim jouanin studies, designs and manufactures Custom-made Electrical furnaces in order to meet customer’s needs.

They can be used in plenty of application fields: industrial applications for continuous thermal treatment, applications in laboratories, …

General description :

  • Functioning principle of the electrical furnaces: most of the furnaces work with thermal conduction or with infrared technology, depending on the required working temperature.

  • Heating technology: cast heaters, ceramic structures… depending on the required working temperature.
    Some of our electrical furnaces have been developed to reach temperatures up to 1000°C.

  • Heating Electrical Furnaces can be equipped with cooling systems with air or water.

  • The furnaces can be divided up in several independent areas to combine different
    treatment steps
    for all-inclusive installations, what allows a reduction of machines.
    For example: preheating, cooking and cooling.


Do not hesitate to contact us to find a solution to your application.
Our Research Department remains at your disposal for any study
or conception of thermal installations

Some exemples of Acim Jouanin electrical furnaces :


- Electrical Furnaces for laboratories

Electrical Furnaces for laboratories  

Furnace with 3 heating areas
equipped with a cooling system.

1200 W -
height 240 mm -
diameter 240 mm
Electrical Furnaces for laboratories

Heating elements mounted on hinge. Base equipped with a temperature regulation system and thermal security.

 Working temperature: 200°C
3350 W –
Height 225 mm – Diameter: 250 mm.

- Industrial Electrical Furnaces

Industrial Electrical Furnaces
4 independent heating areas.
Structure mounted on a hinge
for a wide opening.

Working temperature: 800°C
4500W –
Height: 510 mm – Diameter: 420 mm
Industrial Electrical Furnaces

9 independent heating areas four electrique industriel

Working temperature: 550°C
9400 W - H 2900 mm - diam. 450 mm
four electrique chauffant 3 electrical furnaces enclosed
in a same device
(2 furnaces on both extremities and
1 central furnace with 7 independent heating areas).

Working temperature: 550°C.
8500 W - H 2600 mm - diam. 450 mm

Industrial Electrical Furnaces
- Electrical Furnaces equipped with ATEX elements

Electrical Furnaces equipped with ATEX elements Electrical Furnaces equipped with ATEX elements

four electrique chauffant  Electrical furnace equipped with ATEX heating equipment (T3 class).
Working temperature : 200°C
9600 W - Total height 1650 mm - Furnace diameter : 460 mm (except connection).


Power and characteristics for information purposes only.

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