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ATEX certificate
for radiators

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atex certificate for radiators



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Explosion proof
electrical radiators

- Using conditions,
- Technical characteristics,
- Heaters sizes
- Range of heaters

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Heaters certified ATEX :



  • Applications

Explosion-proof electric radiators, certified II 2 GD - Ex d II C T3 - Ex tD A21 T200°C, to use in hazardous atmosphere gas and dust, in storage premises, distribution or delivery sites; in industries such as chemistry inorganic chemistry, agrochemistry,...), oil industry, refinery, in spray booths (solvents)...


- Class* : II C, II B et II A
- Pressure : 0.8 < P < 1.2 bar.

- Gaz zone : 1 et 2
  T3 : T° surface ≤ 200°C, for using temperature : - 20°C < T < 40°C.

- Dust zone : 21 et 22
  T200 : T° surface ≤ 200°C , for using temperature : - 20°C < T < 40°C.

The use of this type of heaters requires a total missing of other potential inflaming sources such as flames, warm gases, mechanical sparks, vibrations, static electricity, electromagnetic waves...

Our equipment respects the directive 94/9/CE, according to the standards : EN 60079-0 of 07/2006, EN 60079-1 of 03/2004, EN 61241-0 of 12/2006, EN 61241-1 of 06/2004.



- RADF serie : Heater supplied with a safety thermostat
- RADF.TH and RADF.IN series : Same as above, also with an ambient thermostat



  • Common characteristics for all types

- Stainless steel casing.
- Heating body composed of electric heaters in a steel sheath with steel fins.
- IP 65, according to the EN 60529 standard, for referenced models.
  IP 67, on request, to be precised with order
- Aluminium connection box with ATEX EEX d II C 3/4” NPT cable grip.
- Connection box equipped with internal M6 earth bold and external M4 bolt.
- Safety thermostat inside the connection box, to maintain the outside surface below 200°C (which is compulsory for T3 class)
- Voltage : 230V single phase / 230V threephase / 400V threephase to be precised with order.
- Wattage : 1 kW ; 1.5 kW ; 2 kW depending on the sizes.
- Fixing supports drilled with 4 holes 14X7mm.
- Heaters individually controlled before shipment.
- Heaters supplied with using instructions, conformity declaration and type declaration from INERIS.



  • Heaters with ambient thermostat ( RADF.TH)

RADF.TH heaters are equipped with ambient thermostat, from 0° C to - 40° C, in which the bulb, fixed under the apparel protected by a well sheath. Setting button is located outside the box.

The setting button is located inside the connection box, for models and RADF.IN, and outside of the connexion box for models RADF.TH


atex heaters with ambient thermostat






Important notes :

- Keep a free space of 150 mm all around the heater and
keep all free space over the heater, to guarantee a good air flow.

Heaters must work in horizontal position, fixation brackets at the bottom, floor mounting, or on an horizontal console.





Voltage 230 V single phase :

Wattage(W) L
Heaters with internal setting button Heaters with outside setting button
1000 986 25 RADF 1000 RADF 1000.IN RADF 1000.TH
1500 1286 34 RADF 1500 RADF 1500.IN RADF 1500.TH
2000 1606 41 RADF 2000 RADF 2000.IN RADF 2000.TH

Voltage 230 V three phase :

Wattage(W) L
Basic heaters Heaters with internal setting button
1000 986 25 RADF 1000.2 RADF 1000.2IN
1500 1286 34 RADF 1500.2 RADF 1500.2IN
2000 1606 41 RADF 2000.2 RADF 2000.2IN

Voltage 400 V three phase :

Wattage(W) L
Heaters with internal setting button
1000 986 25 RADF 1000.4 RADF 1000.4IN
1500 1286 34 RADF 1500.4 RADF 1500.4IN
2000 1606 41 RADF 2000.4 RADF 2000.4IN





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