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explosion proof immersion heaters

Explosion proof immersion heaters 

explosion proof immersion heaters

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  • Applications

Explosion-proof electric immersion heater, notified Ex d II C T6 to T1, to use in explosive atmosphere. Customer made, according to the product to heat and the configuration of the immersion heater’s receptacle, it can be mounted on assemblies such as tanks, heaters, ... to heat static products in tanks or flow of fluid in heaters.

  • Using conditions

- Zone: 1 and 2 only
- Class : II C, II B and II A.
- Temperature class : T6 to T1.
- Using atmosphere : - 20 < T < 40C.

The respect of essential safety requirements, (appendix II directive 94/9/CE of 03/23/1994) is obtained by the conformity of standards for equipment: EN 60079-0 of July 2006 and EN 60079-1 of March 2004.


  • Characteristics

  • Mounting system :

    - screw plug (standard = M77)
    - flange (standard = DN 80 - maximum - DN 100)
    Possibility of any other mounting system according to the application.

  • Heating element composed of one or several hairpin shaped tubes.

  • Tubes made of steel, stainless steel or incoloy 800.

  • Aluminium connection box and safety devices IP65 according to the EN 60529 standard.

  • Connection box equipped with ATEX II C (3/4” NPT or M25) cable grip and with internal and external earth bolts.( the number of cable grips depends on the characteristics of the immersion heater).

  • Immersion heater equipped with 2 temperature safety devices ( sensor, thermostat...) in a sensor pocket near the heating elements ( the dimensions of the sensor pocket depends on the using conditions.
    Safeties can be of bulb thermostat class, sensor PT100, sensor fuse or a combination of 2.

  • Maximum voltage : 750 V single or 3 phase.

  • Maximum power* : 27kw /400V 3 phase.

  • Maximum intensity : 38.9 A / phase whatever wattage and voltage are.

  • Maximum outside diameter of the heating body< 70 mm.

  • Maximum length : 3000mm

  • Immersion heaters individually controlled before shipment.

* (depends on using conditions: material, temperature.....)

  • ATEX immersion heaters sizes

immersion heaters sizes

  • Temperature classes

Class T6 T5 T4 T3 T2 T1
Max surface T 85C 100C 135C 200C 300C 450C

According to the Temperature class, the connection box must stand back from the mounting system:

- 120 mm , ( 2 fins) for temperature class T6 to T3
- 220 mm , (4 fins) for temperature class T1 to T2

  • Options

The immersion heaters can be equipped with a temperature regulation device or with an ambient thermostat, protected by a separate sensor pocket. In both cases, the setting switch can be located inside or outside the connection box, upon request.

immersion heaters with screw plug

Important note :

- The mounting of the immersion heater must be made according to the EN 60079-14 standard. Mounting instructions supplied with the heater.
- The maximum temperature of the liquid to be heated must be below the safety temperature.

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